the ULTIMATE guide to client packages

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The most comprehensive client package guide in the world

In this AMAZING kit, you will get over 10 different templates with a mixture of guides and templates - ALL FOR THE FREE, THAT MEANS $0 DOLLARS TO SPEND

Whether you're a photographer you spends their time taking photos, a designers trying to create beautiful logos, a virtual assistant doing endless tasks - you're in the right place.

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what's included?


intro packages x2

When your client contacts you and you need to send them information about what it is like working with you, this package is perfect for you. In these templates, you will have access to information about your services, your process for your clients, everything you need from your client and more.

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Welcome Packages x2

Once you have gotten your client to signed your proposal, it is time to send them to your client welcome package. In this it talks about what they can expect from the services, your office hours, where you find all the files, the calender of what to expect, the depoist

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Goodbye Packages x2


a couple questions you might have


Who even made this guide?

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No not at all! You can free to use as you please, just don't go around sell it the guide itself


Well sweetie, you can click on the button below this to download, no one is stopping you!

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