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I want to introduce this is the client LONGUE! I want to Thank you again for choosing The newpreneur, your business is greatly appreciated! Please stay as long as you'd like in the client lounge. Cookies and coffee are on the table. 😉



Step 1: Pinterest inspiration board

A Pinterest inspiration board will communicate visually how you would like your new website to look and feel.

The images don’t need to be of other websites necessarily, but more images with a style and feel that encompasses how you’d like to present your business.

While there are images of other websites (many in completely different industries from web design) there are also a lot of lifestyle Instagram images, patterns, logos, graphics, and paintings which spoke to the overall style that would appeal to my ideal clients.

  • Tip: Pin as many images as you like (the more the better) and I will look for similarities within them.
  • Submit: Insert the link to your Pinterest inspiration board through the Brand & Style Questionnaire. (See next step for details on the Brand & Style Questionnaire).
  • Q. When does this all need to be completed by? A. It should be done by Wednesday July 19th 2017

download (5).jpeg

Step 2: Complete questionnaires

Head to the client lounge on this page where you’ll find 2 questionnaires to complete.

First, the Ideal Customer Avatar Questionnaire will help you dive deep into exactly who your ideal customers are. Truly understanding your ideal customer will not only help you to be leaps and bounds more successful in your business, but it will also help guide us in making design decisions.

Second, the Brand & Style Questionnaire will ask you for all the important details to create your website. This includes basic site info, questions to learn about your style & brand, inspiration websites and if you have any special requests.

Be sure to complete the forms in their entirety, with the exception of when some form fields don’t apply to you. Eg. You’re a purely online business, so you don’t have a physical address.

Ideal Customer Avatar Questionnaire

Name *

Brand & Style Questionnaire

Name *
Contact Information

step 3: compile content

A design without content will make your website look a little … well, naked. So let’s get some text and photo content ready, shall we?

Text Content: First, you’ll want to write out all the text content (copy) you’d like for your website in our shared Google Doc.

  • Tip: People don’t fully read websites anymore, they skim. Large paragraphs of text look overwhelming to site visitors, and they tend to skip or skim them.
  • Therefore, try to keep your writing short and to the point. A full paragraph now and again is fine, but whenever possible, keep things concise to a line or two.
  • When designing, I’ll make use of line breaks, headings & bulleted lists to assist in ensuring your important information gets read!

choose templates

Choose the template you would want your website to look like and screenshot it and send it to me by email at : shazeen@thenewpreneur.com

For each of the core 8 pages you want, please screenshot and rename the image from "screenshot79.png" to "homepage.png"



how to format text

When writing in the Google Doc, if you’d like to get specific with how a page is organized, or what text goes where, write out some marching orders (instructions) in red. Also, if you need a link inserted write out your text and then (link: www.thelinkurlhere.com).

Tip: There is a growing movement towards minimizing your top menu navigation options, and this is a good thing. (You should absolutely do this too!) The more options you give, the less your visitor is likely to do what you want them to. You’ll want at maximum, 6 options in your navigation.

How do you choose what makes it at the top? Think of your website goals. Do you want someone to purchase from you? Read your blog? Subscribe to your newsletter? Whatever pages get visitors to take the actions you most want them to should make it into the top navigation.

When writing out your content, give a little indication of what pages should be in the top navigation. If you’re not quite sure, we’ll chat this over during our initial consultation call on the first day of the design period.

Tip: Have an edit to make to your text content? Edit the Google Doc, instead of sending an email with the edit.

Tip: Write, proofread and edit. Then have someone else do the same. You’ll want to be sure there’s no errors in your site copy.

Submit: I will follow up shortly after your booking with a link to a Google Doc where you may leave all your text content.

StockSnap_3ZW4UD3IHW (1).jpg

photo content

The number 1 thing that will make or break your website? Your photos. It’s time to gather all those photos you’d like on your website into one folder!

Here’s some answers to commonly asked photo questions.

What size should my images be?

Your website will be responsive, meaning the size of the page and images change depending on the size of the screen it’s viewed on. While a photo taken on a cell phone might look okay on a smaller screen, when it’s viewed on one of those large desktop screens, we run the risk the image will get blurry and will really detract from the quality of the look of your website.

As a general rule of thumb, I suggest straying away from photos taken on a cellphone. The best images are those taken with a DSLR camera.

I don’t have any images, can I take some off Google, or somewhere else on the internet?

Please, please, please do not do this! Every photo is licensed under copyright law automatically the second it’s taken. So those photos on Google belong to someone and the last thing we want is his/her lawyer sending you a bill. There’s a few options if you don’t have images.

  • 1st: Go grab a camera and take some
  • 2nd: Hire a photographer to take some for you
  • 3rd: Use copyright free images found online 4th: Buy some stock photos

Copyright free photos

Copyright free photos are those which a very kind person decided to let anyone use, without paying and without needing to link back to the image source.

  • Unsplash.com
  • FreeImages.com
  • Pixabay.com

Stock photos for purchase

These are photos, generally taken by a professional photographer, which are made available for download online for a fee.

  • Creativemarket.com
  • Etsy.com
  • Shutterstock.com

*Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure the photos you choose to use on your website are either copyright free, the stock photo license is correctly paid for, or you own the copyright. I will not double check you have the right to use the photos you provide, and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement issues that may arise from the use of photos that you provided to be used on your website. 

Tip: Want a certain image on a certain page? Not a problem at all! When you upload the image to your Google Drive folder, name the image with the title of the page you want it on. So instead of the image being called ‘SM4247’ you’ll rename it ‘About page’ or ‘Home page.’

Submit: I’ll follow up shortly after your booking to send you the link to a Google Drive folder where you may leave all your images.

StockSnap_CR4FKGO3YG (1).jpg

coming soon page content

All packages come with the option to have a coming soon page set up until your full site is ready to go live. We can set that page up as soon as you have the content prepared for it.

Alternatively, if you have a current website live, we can skip the coming soon page so your visitors still have access to your website. The choice is yours!

Submit: To submit the content for the coming soon page, send me an email (shazeen@thenewpreneur.com) with the subject line: ‘Coming soon page setup.’ You’ll want to provide the following info in the email.

  • 2-3 sentences of copy indicating your website is getting a makeover and will be live soon.
  • Your logo, if you have one
  • 1 high quality image
  • Your preferred domain name (www.yourwebsite.com).

StockSnap_1X1V1T33QG (2).jpg

step 4 : Send logins

To begin your project, I’ll need your login information (email and password) for each of the following.

  • Wordpress Platform, if you already have one, if not, see the tip below
  • Email service provider (eg. MailChimp, ConvertKit), if applicable

Submit: Send in an email to shazeen@thenewpreneur.com


5 tips for flawless design process

Tip 1. Upload all text and photo content to Google Drive:

Instead of sending by email where things tend to get lost in the back and forth of messages.


You’ll want to ensure all your content is prepared before your design start date; I really can’t stress this enough! Creating a website in 1 week is only possible when content is ready prior to the start date.


It’s best to set aside a little time during the week we’ll be designing your website to give yourself a chance to respond to emails, give feedback and request edits. Accidentally picked a design date that you’ll be traveling during, or you know will be very busy?. There is a possibility of rebooking your design date within a certain time frame before there are financial repercussions.

Tip 4. Reply Quickly  

Clients who are deadline oriented love me because they know their website will be ready in 1 week! The challenge? We only have 1 week to get it done! Ensure you have your smart phone close by during our 1 week design period. I’ll send you emails asking for your feedback, and because we’re creating a masterpiece on a quick timeline it’s important to respond to emails within 24 hours.

Tip 5. ask all the questions you want

Want to pick the brain of someone with plenty of online business experience? I’m all yours for 1 week and I’d love to help you with any questions you may have!

faq: frequently asked questions

1. Which Squarespace plan do I need?

I’ll help you pick the right plan when we get on our lesson & launch call on the final day of the design period. Which plan fits best depends mostly on the number of site pages you will have and if you will be making sales through your website. As a perk of working with me, a member of the Squarespace Circle, you’ll receive 20% off your Squarespace plan for the first year!

2. which wordpress themes? 

I hear Squarespace uses templates. Will you pick the template or do I? If you have a template you love, I’m more than happy to use the one you’ve chosen! If you’re unsure and want an expert opinion (this is most people), I’ll let you know my thoughts on which template has the functionality you are looking for, and will enable us to most closely recreate a similar look to your inspiration websites.

3. when should I finish my homework

When does my content need to be ready? Pinterest inspiration board: 1 week prior to your start date

  • Questionnaires: 1 week prior to your start date
  • Login information, if applicable: 1 week prior to your start date
  • Text content: 4 days prior to your start date
  • Image content: 4 days prior to your start date

4. Eeeek, I don’t think my content will be ready in time! Can we push my design date back, just by a couple days or a week?

To be fair to you, and every other client in the design calendar, I stick firmly to my design schedule. All my clients would be upset if I pushed back their design date because a client earlier in the schedule wasn’t ready. If you’re worried you won’t be able to meet the content deadlines, send me an email (shazeen@thenewpreneur.com) and I’ll let you know the next available date in my design calendar. Please note, 6 business days or later after booking, there are financial repercussions to changing your design date. Your 50% deposit holds your place in the design calendar, and that spot is no longer available to be booked by anyone else. If you change your design date within 5 business days of booking, your deposit will be used to hold your new date in the design calendar. If you change your design date 6 business days or later after booking, your deposit cannot be used towards another design date and will not be refunded.