8 Thoughts All Entrepreneurs Have That Actually Sabotage Your Business

You started your business with passion and fury.

You loved the idea, and jumped in with both feet.

Then it happened. And that “it”?  It can be different for everyone.

  • Maybe you hit a wall and stopped making money.
  • Or maybe you never even started making a profit and you’ve reached your limit of working for nothing.
  • Maybe you received a bad review and it affected your confidence.

Or you noticed another person in your industry that provides the exact same thing as you, and is seemingly doing much better than you.

Whatever your “it” is, it messed with your mindset.

It swayed your confidence, whether you realized it or not.

How do I know?

Because we all have self-limiting thoughts, or blocks, from time to time. And the most common ones that we all seem to have at one point in time?

They can actually sabotage your business.  

Without getting metaphysical or super spiritual on you, negative self-talk has the power to create negativity. Think of it like talking to a child. If you keep telling them they’re stupid or not good enough, of course they’re going to end up believing it.

Same thing with you. If you think negative thoughts, your sub-conscious is going to believe it.

So, let’s talk about the top 8 limiting thoughts all entrepreneurs have that can actually sabotage your business, and how you can start reframing those thoughts into something much more positive.

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8 Thoughts That Are Holding You Back

  1. You worry that your programs or products aren’t going to be good enough.
  2. You second-guess your pricing. You either think it’s too low and will show no value, or worry it’s too high and no one will pay it.

  3. You think it's never going to happen for you.

  4. You buy course after course, program after program, hoping to find the magical path to success.

  5. You see the success of others, and you start compare yourself to them, often coming down on yourself for not being where they are.

  6. You still get surprised when someone does buy your course or books a coaching session with you.

  7. You worry about getting things “perfect” and doing it right.

  8. You over-give, to the point where people are only signing up for your free stuff, and never your paid offers.

If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts … first of all, you’re normal.

But second, you’re sabotaging yourself with these limiting thoughts. And I know it can be hard to not think them, especially when things aren’t going well. But when you continually allow yourself to think negatively, you’re going to end up believing it. So let’s change those thoughts around!

Reframing Your Limiting Thoughts

It’s not always possible to stop these thoughts for good, but when you are more aware of them, you can catch them, question them and turn them around. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Dissect your thoughts. The first thing is to question them. Are they coming from a place of truth or fear? Do you really believe you’re not good enough, or is that fear talking?

  2. Look for evidence to the contrary. This can be either in your own business or in someone else’s. For example, if you think your prices might be too high, consider that there are others charging more, and getting paid their asking prices!

  3. Create new thoughts. Now it’s time to create your new thoughts. Use your evidence when coming up with them. For example, instead of thinking “I’m not expert enough,” start thinking “I have much more expertise than those just starting out!”

If you have a hard time believing your new thoughts (trust me, it can be hard when you’re knee-deep in self-doubt), start with “up until now” or “I used to” statements to help train your mindset. So something like, “Up until now I felt like I wasn’t an expert,” or “I used to question all my prices.” Start convincing yourself that those limiting thoughts are all in the past!

As an entrepreneur, you’re bound to hit some snags. We all do. Unfortunately, those snags can really mess with your confidence. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking any of these 8 common thoughts, it’s time for a reframe and a retrain – so you can get past them and make sure your subconscious knows just how epic you are.




Corinne is a business mindset coach and visibility badass who strives to help passionate, powerful female entrepreneurs get over any fears that are holding their business back and finally succeed. Part mindset, part visibility, lots of business confidence; Corinne helps women kick fear in the ass and build a business that fills their heart with joy. Visit her website for a free worksheet that will help you reframe your thoughts and create new, uplifting ones.